Quiet lately on here…

…but noisy in my head, I assure you!

Post inauguration, I want you to know I pretty much give zero fucks who you voted for because that can’t be changed at this point.  What can be changed is willful ignorance.  Planned Parenthood, for example, is no more an abortion clinic than your local hospital is a place to terminate your old relatives, and your tax dollars haven’t paid for an abortion  since the ’70s; stop posting your nonsense all over social media without looking up the law.  Look. Up. The. Law.  Additionally on that same note, I want to throw out there that being pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion; I want everyone woman to be able to choose what is right for her…I don’t need to decide for her.  Being pro-choice doesn’t mean we don’t take the concept of abortion and the decisions around it with great seriousness.  We are not advocating for McDonald’s to add abortions as an option on the dollar menu; it’s a big damn deal, and I want women to have choices based on their individual circumstances.

Don’t wanna march for something? Then don’t, but stfu about others marching and how wrong it was.  The beauty of the country in which we live is our freedom to dissent in a march or a protest or a sit in.  We can march.  We can wave signs.  You can wave signs back at those protesting, and protest their protest if you want.  That’s how it works here, but they can march for their beliefs if they want, and so can you.

That act you so wanted killed off? I’m not sure you understood it.  I’m not sure you understand the potential repercussions.  Maybe you do, and maybe you and yours have no pre-existing conditions or have no concerns about hitting lifetime insurance caps.

Anyway.  Largely, I’ve kept my mouth shut about it, focusing on things I can do rather than argue, but even I have my limits to how much I can take.  This week has been like, “yuck.”

I was out walking my dogs at lunch today, just an ordinary woman in yoga pants and a sweatshirt walking dogs in my own neighborhood.  A man rolled down his window at me, and screamed, “Yeahhhh, Trump!” at me.  WTF?  Dude, my dogs bite, and frankly, so do I.  This level of weirdo lunatic behavior is ridiculous.

I have other things going on as well that might be worth reporting on later, but right now, I’m concerned at how badly people are behaving in general.   You don’t have to agree with me, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease educate yourselves.  Read the laws.  Read the acts.  Read.  Think.  Think some more.

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