OMG! Circle YES if you like me

So tomorrow, Minime is going to ask a guy to “go out.” OMG!

Apparently, “going out” is the lingo of her age group when they mutually agree to crush on each other.  When I was her age, I think we just called it “going together.”  It didn’t mean anything—there were no dates or anything, it was just an agreed upon sort of thing usually done by passing a note, circle yes if you like me.

Minime has her little note all prepared, and we talked about what if he said yes.  We also talked about what it would be like if he says no.  She is my kid 100%, this I know for sure, when she rolled her eyes at me and said, Mom, of course he can say no, but it’s ok if he does.  I won’t know if I don’t try.  I’d rather try than wait on him forever!

That’s my girl.

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