Can I get a do-over??

Staycation…staying home for a week to relax, unwind.  Sounded divine, delicious, decadent.  I had visions of reading trashy novels poolside and afternoon naps.


…daughter’s car on a tow truck to a repair shop.

…repair shop says they can’t fix it, so it needs to go to a specialty shop.

…daughter’s car on a tow truck to another shop.

…home to wait for a Charter tech.  wait. wait. wait. wait.  no show.

…home another day waiting for a Charter tech.

…out another day to help daughter find a job.

…up and at ’em early to go get my car’s oil changed and then go pick up daughter’s car so she can go on her first job interview.

Not exactly relaxing at all.

I would like a do-over, but this time, no tow trucks.  No Charter technicians.  No job hunts, either.  Sigh.


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