TGIF, yo

I am having a tiny breakdown on a Friday, just a momentary hitch in my giddyup, so here are some positive truths to lay on ya as I work to get my head right again:

  1. I don’t EVER regret showing someone love and kindness.  Their dumbassery is a reflection on them, not me.  I give the love and kindness at every chance I get.
  2. Iced coffee, splash of milk of your choice, and then Bailey’s chocolate cherry.  You’re welcome.
  3. I am incredibly forgiving.  (If I won’t forgive you, it’s not about me.  It’s about you, really.)
  4. See number 2.
  5. Looking for work is emotionally draining but the only way to get a different outcome is to try something different.  Yep.  So I am…and all the “no thank you”s I’m getting are surely leading the way to the right option…right?! RIGHT?! Yeah.  I need a pep talk today.
  6. See number 2.

Happy Friday.  May your weekend be full of rest, relaxation, laughter, and love…and see item number two on that list.

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