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Would you accept the invitation?

I have been having a rough time lately…the usual kinds of challenges that we all face personally and professionally, but the challenges feel amplified by the holidays. I asked the Universe to give me a break, to cut me some slack please pleeeeeease.

I received an invitation out of the blue…an invitation to dance. I don’t dance! I am a mosh pit brawler, but I am not a dancer. I am clumsy. I felt embarrassed just reading the invitation, and I was thissssclose to sending my regrets that I couldn’t attend.

I paused, thinking this was such an unusual invitation. Had I ever in my life been invited to a dance outside of high school? I couldn’t remember ever receiving such an invitation. Maybe the Universe was trying to give me an opportunity to feel differently this holiday season by doing something different?

I deleted my regrets, and replied that I didn’t know how to do the dances, but that I would be willing to give it a go. I hit send before I could chicken out.

The venue was a stone manor built in the 1920’s. It looks like a castle. Inside there are large stone fireplaces, high ceilings, chandeliers, and a ballroom. I found myself standing in that ballroom, a Cinderella with two left feet, and I considered excusing myself under the guise of a restroom visit to run away before the festivities started. I talked myself into staying.

The waltz. I stepped on my partner’s feet. I laughed. I stepped on his feet some more and laughed a lot, some of it nervous and some of the laughter the glee of a kid with a new toy…and then for a few gorgeous minutes, I got it. I was waltzing, waltzing until I was dizzy!

The English country dances. I didn’t know any of the lingo when we started, but I soon caught on well enough to follow along for most of the dances. I wasn’t graceful or elegant, but I was delighted. I had a different partner for every dance, and every partner taught me something I didn’t know, every partner gracious and forgiving of my newbie status.

The hours passed in a flash. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, and I haven’t been so challenged by trying some completely foreign in a long time.

Later in bed, I realized in all those hours under the chandeliers, I hadn’t given my troubles a single thought. My previously tight, tense shoulders were relaxed. The Universe had given me a break and cut me some slack, granting me a fabulous day that I would long remember.

Would you have accepted the invitation to the dance, or the equivalent, that popped up out of nowhere? I am glad I did.


I Believe


I believe in saying what I feel. Candor isn’t always received well, but I’d rather be open about what I feel than be misunderstood. Our time is too short to be misunderstood.

I believe in loving openly. I don’t give a damn if you love, or even like, my friends: I love them for their beautiful qualities and their beautiful mistakes.

I believe in screwing up. I make mistakes, sometimes huge ones, but it means I’m doing something, trying to move forward. I know others will screw up, too, because we’re human, and we’re all doing what we think is right with the tools we have in the moment.

I believe in forgiving. Perhaps I’m too forgiving, but it’s really hard for me to deep-down-to-my-core believe that the people in my world are willfully malicious. Yeah, some people are just plain mean, but most aren’t.

I believe in cutting ties. Sounds opposite of the forgiving, but I don’t think it is. There are some people that are not a good fit in our lives, toxic, that need to go. It doesn’t mean I hate anyone; it just means I love myself enough to know some folks are not part of my tribe, and I wish them well. When we cut ties, it frees those people, too, to find where they belong.

I believe in getting mad. That’s not contrary to the forgiving mindset above. I believe in digging in and really feeling what you feel, even if you feel furious, so you can move on with things.

I believe in laughter. I love to laugh so hard my belly hurts, my face hurts. Joy is glorious and contagious.

I believe in trying again. Sometimes I get mad and stay mad…and need to have another go at that forgiveness thing. I sometimes need to try again to really embrace my own feelings instead of denying them. I am imperfect but striving only to be the best me I can be on any given day.

I believe in endless warm mugs on cold days, vacations in hammocks, reading, writing, super dark chocolate, bubble baths, naps, and enjoying the journey we’re on.

Here’s a song called “I Believe” from Tears for Fears, because I also believe in music. Every life should have a soundtrack.