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Autumn Equinox

It’s 1 AM in the wee hours after the autumnal equinox, the perfect balance of daylight and darkness.  I fall into my rhythm this time of year, hit my stride.  Screw January for new beginnings; my rebirth is when the first hint of chill hits the air, summer yielding its power, relenting to cool nights, blankets on the couch, overflowing words.

I should be asleep, but what am I doing? I’m up streaming some YouTube videos, awestruck by talent.  Inspired.  Moved.  Thinking on what collaborations, what genius can come when one creative spirit crashes into another and sparks fly.  Late nights with blankets and winding conversations and empty shot glasses set my muse free.

Inspire me.  Let me tell your story thirty-five different ways.  Let me tell the truth; let me tell a lie.

And let me inspire you.  Move forward.  Smile.  Be happy.  Trust me.  Don’t waste a day, a moment-when I turn away, call my bluff, because I will sure as hell call yours.  Create create create, and share it with the world for free or for pay but don’t ever stop again…keep going, inspire me.

As the leaves start to turn, I feel the possibilities on the wind…something magical with wild potential just around the corner.  I don’t want to figure you out; I just want laughter, words, and for your music to play on.



how bad do ya want it?

how bad do ya want it, whatever your “it” is? in my case, the “it” i have in mind is a career change that leads to a life change.

there’s an online business course that i was interested in last year that i believe would be very helpful, but i just did not have the money to enroll.  it’s time to enroll for the 2014 session, and again i find myself without $2000 to spare.   i learned they have a short window of time (less than a week!) where they accept youtube video submissions for a scholarship.

immediately, i thought i don’t have time to make a video in that kind of short time frame.  i’ve never made a video.  i don’t have a youtube channel.  and probably 35 other rapid fire excuses.

it’s funny how we convince ourselves not to even bother.

…then i thought about how bad i want it.  i’ve watched all the free videos about the program and read all about it several times over in the last year.  i want this experience.  i am willing to say i want it.  i might not get the scholarship this year, but i will not miss the chance to try.  i created a youtube channel.  i wrote a script. practiced the script.  i recorded myself in a video that i hope captures my enthusiasm–i think it took about 15 tries to record a decent version of the script. i uploaded the video with the required description and hash tags…and i have my fingers crossed.

how bad do i want it? bad enough to look like a goober on youtube, bad enough to take a risk.