I wish had something nicer to say than “go fuck yourself” but alas, I don’t.  As I sip my coffee, I’m reminded why I dislike so many people.

For one person: Petty nastiness meant to cause a rift or hurt feelings has really just pushed my buttons.  Snarky comments didn’t inspire me to curl up in the fetal position and weep; really, those unsolicited comments kinda make me wanna go trailer park until you’re shitting your own teeth.

For another: if we were gonna be besties, we would be already.  Leave me alone.  Chasing me around after you violated the most sacred of codes is not cool.  I am so forgiving, but there are a few lines that once crossed, there is no return.

I’ll get to zen about all of it with a little time, but this morning, I’m annoyed as hell by the way people think they can go stomping around on the souls of others, inflicting pain, leaving scars.  You don’t have my permission to ruin my day.

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