Online dating

Online dating apps are like looping raw sausage links around your neck and swan diving into a gator pit. Ouch.

The things complete strangers will send to me are mortifying. I want to _____ your ______. Your _________ makes me ____________. Mind you, my profile is G-rated, and my photos are ordinary as well.

Other men are pushy. If you reply to their hello, they want to meet up with you today right now this minute despite not even knowing my name. Pushy serial killer much?

Others are so hard to “chat” with…they don’t type much at all so it’s hard to tell if they even want to talk to me or not, so I disappear and get a “where did u go” message like I’m the flake.

Really not what I envisioned for myself, but I’m trying. I work at home alone, so I have to try something to meet people, to make new connections, to practice the niceties of a shared meal without coming across like a half-starved dingo. Think good thoughts for me, folks. This bites.

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