oh my gawd, valentine’s day is lurking…

…and i have no valentine.  who will send me flowersssssssss……………………….. i think it’s important that i completely freak the hell out over something as inane as not getting flowers on feb 14. 

bear with me as i freak the hell out for a bit



oh no!

woe is me!

what will i do?

no one loves me!

i should dye my hair red.  no wait, i was freaking out…





now that i’ve gotten that over with, let’s think about this: i can’t be loveless on valentine’s day! i can’t! how will i fix this?  what should i do? how can i find a beau who offers flowers AND fine chocolates in less than a month’s time!?!?

in the words of LL Cool J, I Need Love! hey, is LL free on that day?

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