lookie, another one of those surveys!

i told you i was addicted…

If you could see any band in concert, who would it be?
Any band?!?  I’d like Jim Morrison to be reincarnated so I could be front and center at a Doors show.  That’d be sweet.  The Sex Pistols could open up the show if we can bring back Sid, too.

Does your family have a garden?
What style of clothes do you normally wear?
mon-fri, i try to dress like a grownup but somedays i don’t quite make it look legit.  sat & sun, i dress for sleep, even if i’m going to the grocery store.  you never know when a good nap could overpower you right there by the fruit rollups.
Do you play any sports on an actual team?
soccer is on hiatus til after labor day, but yes!

If you were to dye your hair, what color?
me? dye my hair? pishposh. i’d never!

What is your favorite music genre?
generally speaking, i prefer loud, but i’m all over the place in my preferences.

Milkshakes or Sundaes?
both will cause me immense pain.  i can’t choose.  unless we’re going by tastee freez, in which case i want the boston shake, which is both a shake and a sundae in one–how can you go wrong?

How many songs are on your music player on your computer?
there’s almost 800 on my mp3 player right now and growing–i never rip a whole cd, just a song here, a song there

How many ringtones do you have?
nothing fancy, just different ones for the two offices i work for

Eyeliner or lipstick?
neither, i look just like this all the time, no surprises

Hair with volume or flat, straight, thin hair?
sticky outy hair is the way to go

Have you ever colored your own hair?
beauty school dropout (for real!) so of course

What kind of shoes do you have on?
invisible ones

Do you have a doorbell?
not on my body right this second, but attached to the house yes

Have you ever pet a camel?
i’ve fed one

What about a cow?

What’s the craziest name you’ve given a pet?
Biscuits and Gravy is one of my favorites.  Snicklefritz is also high on my list.

What condiments do you like on your hotdog?
jalapenos and all the junk cats & dawgs puts on that’s nacho dawg

What is your favorite gum?
partial to cinnamon and spearmint, but anything to kill the diet coke breath

Do you over use the saying “your mom”?
wtf? no.

How often do you sit around on your butt?
more often than i should, but not enough to really relax ever

Do you think you have great hair?
ummm. well.  i was once told that my hair looked like “a stump full of granddaddy longlegs” and i’m going to go with that as a compliment

Ever cut your hair yourself?

What color are the blankets on your bed?
purple and stuff

Do you like watermelons more or cherries?
cherries, but both are seed-spittin’ good

Last thing you recorded you on a camera?
probably paintball stuff

Last time someone took a picture of you?

Can you say your abc’s backwards?
very slowly

What color is your shirt?

Do you know anyone shorter than you?
sure i do! i like to rest my drink on them like an end table.

Taller than you?
i’m surrounded by tall people who can see where i can’t reach to dust.  it makes me paranoid.

Where are your ancestors from?
ireland & scotland mostly and a splash of cherokee
What do you order at taco bell?
mexican pizza w no tomato on top
Has a dog ever licked your mouth?
any time i bend down near the dogs, they’ll lick anything they can get to, including the side of my head like i’m part of their furry pack

Do you know what crop dusting is?

What can you cook the best?
i bake better than i cook, but my lasagna’s pretty tasty when i make the effort, ditto the chicken chili

Have you ever gave or been given a hickey?
i have given and received.  i’m kind of fond of them in a white trash mark me, i’m yours way.

Tell us a memory from riding the school bus:
one time the bus driver missed my stop and drove around with me until the bus was empty before she figured out i was still sitting right there (i was 5)

Do you have allergies to anything?
most everything outside

Would you adopt a child?
sure, why not? we’ll see how things turn out. love the kids.

Last lie you told?
i’m not ‘fessing to that one

Do you know how to dance salsa?
ummm no, but i could dance for some salsa or other burrito condiments if necessary
Do you like it when it rains?
i like to sit on the front porch when it rains
What was the last thing you bought?
food for sleepover kids for tomorrow! and water balloons!

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