I just don’t look.

Social media is both awful and awesome.
It’s awesome to see what’s up with your favorite people.
It’s awful when social media is full of your exes. Most of my exes are on Facebook and Instagram. We are not “friends” but they are friends with my friends…so I see their comments and tags, but here’s how I stay sane:
I just don’t look at their feed or wall or whatever it is on the particular social media. Sometimes, I’m sorely tempted, but it’s not going to feel good, so I just don’t do it. I don’t creep on them. I don’t peek. I just don’t look.
I hear my friends say about their own exes: I can’t believe they went to ____ (insert name of amazing place). I can’t believe they bought a ______(insert name of thing you covet). I can’t believe they_______ (insert thing ex did with his new beloved, like painting a room or landscaping the yard). My friends are all in damn twist over it, livid.
I just don’t look. I haven’t looked in years. I willfully do not go there. Sometimes it’s super tempting; I get curious. The reality is, though, it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna be a swift punch in the gut that I do not need on any day of the week. No matter how happy you might be, it’s seldom a thrill to see your ex living well and frolicking with the love that came after you. Yeah yeah yeah: Be the bigger person; I hear ya.
I can be a benevolent soul, but even I have my limits…so I just don’t look.

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