I dunno, y’know?

I’ve heard it said “don’t believe everything you think.” I learned over the last week that this is a truth to dig into. People I thought I knew, pfffft, I didn’t really know…and things I thought were true, mmmm, were totally off base. It’s all good, maybe even better than good, but I’d been walking around with a belief or an idea for a long while that I chose to challenge on my own…and boom! I found out I didn’t know diddly.

I’m a “vaguebooker,” I know, but bear with me. I’d been thinking something that was in conflict with my gut instinct…so I asked questions. I asked a lot of questions, and I laughed a lot. My instinct was correct. There was ease and happiness right smack dab where once there was not exactly a chasm, but there was definitely a rift.

I guess the vague takeaway is to challenge yourself to ponder “why do I think that” about a person, and then follow that up with “is that really true.” Sometimes you’ll find that you don’t really know what you think you know, y’know?

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