how bad do ya want it?

how bad do ya want it, whatever your “it” is? in my case, the “it” i have in mind is a career change that leads to a life change.

there’s an online business course that i was interested in last year that i believe would be very helpful, but i just did not have the money to enroll.  it’s time to enroll for the 2014 session, and again i find myself without $2000 to spare.   i learned they have a short window of time (less than a week!) where they accept youtube video submissions for a scholarship.

immediately, i thought i don’t have time to make a video in that kind of short time frame.  i’ve never made a video.  i don’t have a youtube channel.  and probably 35 other rapid fire excuses.

it’s funny how we convince ourselves not to even bother.

…then i thought about how bad i want it.  i’ve watched all the free videos about the program and read all about it several times over in the last year.  i want this experience.  i am willing to say i want it.  i might not get the scholarship this year, but i will not miss the chance to try.  i created a youtube channel.  i wrote a script. practiced the script.  i recorded myself in a video that i hope captures my enthusiasm–i think it took about 15 tries to record a decent version of the script. i uploaded the video with the required description and hash tags…and i have my fingers crossed.

how bad do i want it? bad enough to look like a goober on youtube, bad enough to take a risk.

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