I am frustrated with people who want something for nothing…can I have your class for free? Can I have your book for free? Can I have your jewelry for free? Can I have all your time while I suck your soul dry? A balanced energy exchange is important. Can’t have something for nothing, folks. No. The answer is no.

I am frustrated with yellow jackets that fucking refuse to die (although they may well FINALLY be deceased after the THIRD can of spray on their nest today) and chase me all around the neighborhood. I am frustrated with household items breaking all over the place: dishwasher, weedeater, exploding tea kettle, and hey look, there’s a hole in the damn fire pit, too.

Frustrated with energy vampire former housemates that TOOK MY FUCKING BED while I was gone. Wanna have a crappy day? Fly across the country all jet lagged and so damned tired your body aches, open your bedroom door, and find your bed gone, frame and all.

I am frustrated by seemingly out-duding most dudes in my wake. Whoever is holding their cajones for ransom should just turn ’em over.

Obviously I’m a little pissy, a little moody. I recognize it. I could use a little love, a little TLC.

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