Bah Humbug

I will Bah Humbug just for a moment. Christmas is just not as fun when you:
A. Don’t get to play Santa to the kid(s) in your house anymore
B. Aren’t receiving squat in the way of presents (ohhhh, don’t roll your eyes. We all like wrapped packages with our name on them)
C. Are feeling a speck worried about finances (or more than a speck)

This year feels icky. It started feeling icky when the stores were putting up Christmas merchandise alongside back to school and Halloween items. It started feeling icky when the Christmas carols were piped into every store November 1. I am not a big shopper in the best of years, preferring to make and re-gift many things, and if I do shop, I like to putter around used bookstores and such, not the big box mega marts…but around every corner on tv, radio, email, Facebook, Instagram…there’s someone trying to sell me some idea that the only way to show adequate love to my friends and family is to go about $5000 into debt.

I admit I do daydream of those smarmy jewelry commercial moments: a surprise jewelry box handed to me on a snowy walk or a delivery man dressed like Santa rings my doorbell to hand me what looks like a box of cookies but has a diamond nestled inside (mmmm cookies and jewelry)…but I know deep down that money can’t buy love or happiness. I can still daydream a little of cupids and sparkly baubles…but I don’t for a second believe anyone’s buying me a Lexus for Christmas no matter how good I’ve been…and I’ve been REALLY good, I swear.

So. Bah humbug. I will not be buying a giant screen tv or a new car or brand new sofa for Christmas, no matter what the commercials tell me. I will dream my little dreams of love and peace and happiness.

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